Platinum Solar Group and its agents strive to provide the highest level of service and support to our customers. In very rare instances we might have failed to deliver this standard and to ensure we address any inconveniences and grievances at the earliest possible; the below complaint handling system is the process we follow to resolve any outstanding.

How do we define a complaint?
A complaint means an expression of dissatisfaction made to us in relation to our products or the complaints handling process itself, where you expect a resolution. Contacting us to request technical support or to report a service issue is not necessarily a complaint. Where it’s not clear to us, we’ll ask you to confirm that you wish to make a complaint.

If you have experienced any inconveniences and grievances that we have not been able to resolve prior; we urge you to lodge a complaint by following the below steps.

Where and How Complaints Can Be Made?
All complaints must be registered via our complaints form, you can do this by visiting and filling out the appropriate fields. After submitting the form our team will review the contents of your submission and we will  progress to the Recording , Assessing and Resolving stage.

If you are having trouble lodging the complaint you can contact our staff on 1300 838 050, who will fill out the form on your behalf.
You are also able to send through any complaints in writing via registered post addressed to the below. Please try to include as much detail as possible to assist us in assessing your complaint.

Name – Compliance Manager, Platinum Solar Group
Address – 31/390 Marion St, Condell Park NSW 2200
Phone – 1300 838 050

Once the complaints have been received via registered post we will contact you and confirm receipt by phone and or email.
To ensure we are able to maintain our response timelines kindly only heed the above two options for lodging complaints with us.

Recording , Assessing and Resolving your Complaint
Once you have lodged a complaint via the appropriate channels it will be recorded on our Complaints Register and can be identified by the unique identifier code . The complaint will then be assigned to a staff member for initial assessment and will attempt to settle the matter within five working days. Do note that you may be contacted if more information is needed or to discuss the complaint in further detail.

If the complaint cannot be resolved by the initial staff member within the stated five working days, the complaint will then be escalated to a senior staff member we deem appropriate to resolve the complaint. The Senior Manager will attempt to resolve the complaint within 21 working days and present the resolution to you in writing via email or post . Under extenuating and complex circumstances we may require up to 45 days to present you with a succinct resolution.

When and How we will notify you of the Resolution
Within 25 working days of us receiving the complaint , we will advise you of the resolution via your preferred means of communication. Under extenuating and complex circumstances we may require up to 25 days to present you with a succinct resolution; we will accordingly advise if this is the case.

Dissatisfied with the Resolution
If you are not satisfied with the resolution, we invite you to advise us of your proposed expectations via email, phone or post.
Once received this will be escalated to our senior management team who will discuss the relevant matters on hand and provide you with the final outcome (via your preferred means of communication)

If you are satisfied with the resolution, we will put into place the relevant measures to ensure all aspects of the proposal have been enacted at the earliest possible. In cases where we foresee delays in doing so you will be promptly notified via your preferred means of communication.

External Dispute Resolution Agencies
If in any case that you are dissatisfied with the resolution offered by us, we recommend approaching external agencies who are able to further mediate and assist with the complaint or dispute. Below are a few such bodies:

New Energy Tech Consumer Code

New South Wales – Fair Trading
Phone: 9895 0111
Mail: NSW Fair Trading
PO Box 972
Parramatta 2124

Australian Capital Territory – Fair Trading
Phone: 13 22 81
Mail: GPO Box 158, Canberra City ACT 2601

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Phone: 1300 302 502
or you can find the consumer protection agency for your state here:

Our Contact Information
02 9131 4275

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