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What is Platinum Solar Group Care Plan?

Everything you need to manage and make best use of your new or existing solar system in one place. This means ongoing customer service via chat or phone, access to our online portal and system analytics through our solar energy monitoring app.

A visit once a year to service, clean and maintain your system.

Solar panels

What You Pay

3 Year Plan
*T&C's Apply
5 Year Plan
*T&C's Apply
1300 838 050

Why maintain your Solar system?

  • Regular maintenance will ensure safe, correct and efficient operation of your solar & battery system.
  • Build up of dust and debris will compromise the performance of your system.
  • Water and moisture seepage, vermin, hail, wind and sunlight can all cause damage
  • Maintaining your Solar system will ensure the safety of everyone living in the premises.

What happens if you don't?

  • Reduced energy production: dust and debris on solar panels lower efficiency and energy output.
  • Equipment malfunction and system failures, can be caused through neglected maintenance.
  • Safety hazard; Unaddressed issues like poor installation or damaged equipment pose safety risks.
  • Void Warranty; failure to service as specified may void warranty, leading to out-of-pocket costs.
  • Long-term damage, minor issues can escalate into major problems if not promptly addressed.

Let us care for your Solar System with our Platinum Solar Care Plan

As Part Of Our Service We Will:

  • Identify correct panel placement on the roof
  • Check for shading issues caused by new growth on trees
  • Ensure warning labels are fixed and legible
  • Prevent accumulation of dust, fungus, and debris on the solar array
  • Inspect PV modules for defects, deterioration, and signs of damage
  • Check the mounting, fixtures, and tightness of the PV array
  • Verify proper grounding of the PV array frame
  • Assess the mechanical integrity of conduits, insulation, and connections
  • Inspect weather seals on roof penetrations
  • Ensure correct operation of AC and DC isolators
  • Verify polarity of DC isolators and circuit breakers
  • Check functionality of fuses, fuse holders, and circuitry
  • Measure open circuit voltages, short circuit currents, and record e-total readings
  • Verify operation of solar array isolation device and earth fault protection system
  • Inspect surge arresters for integrity
  • Check DC isolator enclosures and junction boxes for water ingress
  • Inspect inverter for debris, signs of overheating, and legibility of display
  • Conduct anti-islanding test (brief disconnection and reconnection)
  • Verify tightness of all solar connections
  • Assess the condition of the switchboard
  • Check voltage levels
  • Perform panel cleaning

Don't take our word for it, the Clean Energy Regulator recommends you maintain your Solar system