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Solar System Maintenance & Repairs

Just like any other investment that you've made so far, having a solar panel system in your home requires full commitment. Once you decide to get it, you should be prepared for the maintenance and repairs needed if necessary. It won't just end after the installation. Now, these maintenance tasks and repairs are part of making sure that your solar system will be working optimally for the longest time possible and producing the most amount of energy. Regular maintenance costs on top of installation may not sound ideal, but the savings you get on your electrical bills, as well as your move to help lessen your carbon footprint, is all worth it.

So what does solar system maintenance involve? There are two types of system maintenance: solar panel maintenance and PV system maintenance. Solar panel maintenance refers to the cleaning and dusting of your panels. The simple act of cleaning your panels is very important because dirt can prevent the entry of light. Dust, bird droppings, and pollen prevent the light from reaching the solar cells, which will eventually lead to less energy production. While dust and dirt have a smaller effect on the performance of the whole system, it is still is best to have your panels cleaned. It is recommended to let the professionals carry out solar panel maintenance, to achieve a safe and thorough outcome. There may be numerous tutorials and videos online, but the best way to do it is to let an expert handle everything, in case any issues arise.

On the other hand, PV maintenance refers to the technical side of things; like making repairs and corrections to the system. If your solar system is installed properly, then you will not require much technical maintenance. However, your panels and system should be checked and cleaned at least once every six months to prevent minor issues from becoming large problems later on.  

Protect your investment and get the proper maintenance your solar system deserves.

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Premium Quality Solar Maintenance & Repairs

One of the best ways to minimise the need for constant repairs and maintenance is to start on the right foot. Partner with an experienced team of solar system specialists that have an extensive background in the field, so you won't have to worry about the on-going functionality of your whole solar system.

Here at Platinum Solar Group we won't only provide assistance up until the installation process. We are with you in protecting your investment and everything else that comes after that. From repairs to maintenance, we’ve got your back! You won't have to worry about looking for another solar system service provider, as we can provide you with top quality maintenance and repairs. We know that having a solar system can be somewhat expensive, so we ensure your system's value will be protected and properly maintained. While we can attest that solar systems, in general, don't usually need a lot of maintenance, sudden accidents and severe weather conditions can cause them damage.

Meanwhile, your PV solar system can also incur damage when you least expect it. The only way you can tell is if there are drastic changes in your system's monitoring software, via this method you can almost be sure that something is wrong. But, if the issue stems from a broken part in your system, you should check if there is an existing warranty in place. If you are not sure, you can always ask your system installer.

If you suspect you have any issues with your current solar system after comparing your electricity bills for the past few months and have found discrepancies, you can immediately contact us at Platinum Solar and we will come out and inspect the system for you. 

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