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SunPower is a leading company in the solar energy sector, known for its cutting-edge technology and commitment to sustainability. Founded in 1985, SunPower has built a strong reputation for providing high-quality solar panels for residential, commercial, and utility-scale applications. Their panels are recognised for their exceptional efficiency, durability, and performance, making SunPower a preferred choice among customers globally. With a focus on innovation and environmental responsibility, SunPower continues to drive advancements in solar energy, offering reliable and sustainable solutions to meet the world's growing energy needs.

SunPower panels are widely regarded as top-tier solar solutions, known for their exceptional performance and reliability. With advanced technology and innovative design, SunPower panels consistently deliver high efficiency and energy yields, making them a preferred choice for residential, commercial, and utility-scale projects. Backed by rigorous quality control measures and extensive warranties, SunPower panels offer peace of mind to customers, ensuring long-term performance and durability. Whether it's maximising energy production for homeowners, businesses, or large-scale installations, SunPower panels set the standard for excellence in the solar industry.

Sunpower Authorised Dealers

Sunpower’s core belief is to make clean energy and storage accessible to everyone. That's why SunPower designs all-in-one residential solutions backed by personal customer service and the industry's most comprehensive warranty. Platinum Solar, as authorised dealers of SunPower, uphold a strong commitment to excellence and adhere to specific requirements in order to form a partnership. These requirements include:

  • Completion of comprehensive SunPower Specialised Training.
  • Attainment of favourable customer satisfaction scores.
  • Adherence to performance standards concerning design, quality, and service.

By selecting a solar dealer from the SunPower network, you are assured of receiving nothing less than the highest standard of quality and customer service for the installation of your home solar panels.

Maxeon 6 Solar Panels

Experience unparalleled solar performance with the record-setting SunPower Maxeon panels, delivering the ultimate solar solution for your home or business. SunPower Maxeon solar panels stand out from the crowd, having proven their superiority across five cell generations, with over 3.5 billion cells and 30 million panels in operation, even in the most challenging environments. Unlike conventional solar cells that experience power loss over time due to corrosion and breakage, the innovative design of SunPower Maxeon solar cells eliminates 86% of the typical failure causes. This means that your SunPower panels not only provide consistent performance but also ensure long-lasting savings year after year.

Maxeon Solar Panel
40year warranty

SunPower Maxeon Panel 40-Year Warranty

Introducing the SunPower Maxeon 40-Year Warranty, the solar industry's most extensive warranty available. It’s as exceptional as our quality solar technology. In fact, you’re 100 times more likely to return a standard solar panel than a SunPower Maxeon solar panel. Sunpower’s warranty covers both the panel and its performance, making the process of claiming it significantly easier than standard warranties in the rare event that it becomes necessary.

The Best Solar Panels In The Industry

More Lifetime Energy
Designed to maximise energy generation through leading efficiency, enhanced performance in high temperatures, and higher energy conversion in low-light conditions like mornings, evenings and cloudy days.

Uncompromising Reliability
Engineered to power through all types of weather conditions with crack resistant cells and reinforced connections that protect against fatigue and corrosion. Each panel’s microinverter enables independent panel operation to mitigate the impact of shade while improving system performance.

Superior Sustainability
Clean ingredients, responsible manufacturing, and lasting energy production for 40 years make SunPower Maxeon panels the most sustainable choice in solar.


SunPower, Trusted by NASA!

In 1997, long before you could buy a drone at your neighborhood electronics store, NASA began using SunPower solar cells. These cutting-edge cells were integrated into NASA's unmanned, remotely piloted, solar-powered, high-altitude aircraft, also known as "Unmanned Aerial Vehicles" (UAVs).

Two years later, in 1999, NASA joined forces with the Helios project, a groundbreaking venture focused on developing a second-generation High-Altitude, Long-Endurance (HALE) UAV. NASA sought the lightest possible solar cell that could withstand high air pressure, optimise energy production, and even capture reflected light from clouds to generate additional power. SunPower reengineered their cells specifically for Helios. The resulting dramatic increase in efficiency played a pivotal role in Helios achieving a remarkable world record altitude of over 96,000 feet in 2001.

Our SunPower Products

SunPower MAXEON 3 (410W/415W All Black)
SunPower MAXEON 6 (425W/435W)
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Be in control of your power bills with SunPower's solar system

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With our best-in-class solutions you’ll live a little more sustainably, zero effort required.

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Our SunPower partners will create an expert, tailor-made solution that fits your needs.

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It’s about time to make energy use truly personal, understandable, relevant and fun.

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Mini Grid

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Solar Mini-Grids Empower Rural Villages
in Myanmar

With the crank of a wrench and a puff of black smoke from his diesel-fueled generator, U Htike Tan Thu would bring the village of Kan Byin in Myanmar to life each evening. For just a few short hours, his community counted on him to deliver much-needed electricity to light their homes, cook their dinner and help their children study. But those precious hours of power came at a high price.

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Sustainability through solar synergy

How can today’s businesses achieve their environmental, social and sustainability (ESG) goals and contribute to meeting the challenges of dwindling natural resources and climate change? At its Radfeld location, Besi Austria GmbH has found a solution that relies on SunPower-brand solar energy panels. The aim is to produce optimal synergy through solar power.

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Solar panels

How solar energy management systems are advancing Australia’s Italian winemaking

Bringing the tastes, culture and values of the Mediterranean to Australia, brothers Ilario and Dino Michelini have transformed their family’s 150-year winemaking tradition for the modern world.

Along with their son and nephew, 29-year-old Kane Michelini, the brothers are investing heavily in sustainable technologies, ensuring the long-term prosperity of Michelini Wines, first envisaged by their father 40 years ago.

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LG Chem RESU 6.5LV

Part of LG’s Residential Energy Storage Unit range, this battery boasts a 48V lithium-ion battery with an integrated management system. This system collects your home’s excess solar energy, rather than sending it back to the grid and uses it to offset rising energy costs during peak hours in the evening.

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LG CHEM RESU 6.5 LV Battery
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Here at Platinum Solar Group, we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality of solar systems installations, repairs, and maintenance. You can trust our extensive experience, top-notch team, and numerous satisfied clients, but don't just take our word for it. Hear it from our clients.

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“The boys from platinum solar group came and replaced the battery quickly and efficiently. Very happy with the service and would recommend platinum solar group.”

Ronald Lawrence

Sydney, NSW
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“I found the service was run professionally and on time. The problem was resolved within one half hour. The operator presented himself as knowledgeable and confident. Happy to recommend Simon to other clients.”

Craig O'Regan

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“The team at Platinum Solar Group were extremely tidy, neat and professional. They cleaned up after themselves which is very rare for companies to do. They did the job quick and easy and professionally. Would highly recommend Mina and his team.”

John Vella

Sydney, NSW
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“The installers of our battery were friendly and professional. They cleaned up after themselves. Thanks for doing a great job - Michael and Veronica.”

Veronica Cordwell

Sydney, NSW
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