Trina Solar Vertex S+ N-Type Mono Dual Glass 440W

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Trina Solar Vertex S+ N-Type Mono Dual Glass 440W


The Trina Vertex S+ series stands out as one of the most efficient solar panels available, boasting an impressive energy conversion efficiency of 21.9%. With minimal power degradation over time, these panels ensure reliable performance, guaranteeing 87.4% of their rated output even after 30 years of use. Featuring innovative design and optimised electrical performance, the Trina Vertex S+ series maximises power generation, resulting in significant long-term savings on electricity bills for decades to come. The Trina Vertex S+ N-Type Mono Dual Glass 440W solar panel is engineered for optimal efficiency and durability. Featuring N-Type technology and dual glass construction, it ensures peak performance and stability. With 144 cells and 440W power output, it delivers maximum energy production. The EVO2 Landscape technology provides robust protection for the cells with a 30mm frame design. Backed by a 25-year warranty, this PV module guarantees high-performance energy generation for many years without performance losses.

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