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Australia's Leading Off-Grid Solar Installation Pros – Unmatched Expertise and Efficiency

Do you want to be energy independent and enjoy no bill shock on your electricity bill? Are you facing MASSIVE costs to get power connected to your ideal rural retreat? If you're ready to invest upfront in solar batteries from Platinum Solar Group, you can be free of the large power companies and on the way to becoming the modern standard for power supply to homes across the globe.

An off-grid solar system addresses your power demands all year round, allowing you to remain totally self-sufficient even in a modern, electrically demanding household. Platinum Solar Group are experts in the NSW market of solar installations of all sorts and have been putting together battery systems that allow for total off-grid living for a long time now. A solar off-grid system is best installed by an experienced professional like Platinum Solar Group. Having no backup power from the grid means the reliability and dependability of this type of solar & battery powered system are critical.

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The Reliable Off-Grid Solar Model Sweeping the Globe

Solar electric systems have been hailed as the path of the future for power generation since they are renewable. They are also ideal for those who want to be self-sufficient; it is impossible for every Australian to extract and burn gas or coal in their backyards and not forgetting the fact that coal remains a scarce source of energy. However, in our blessed country, we have plenty of sunshine. Our climate is such that present technology is advancing efficiency and affordability, meaning that home solar off grid is more feasible than it has proved to be in some parts of Europe as well as America.

Enjoy the most benefits with Professional Off-Grid Solar Installation

Platinum Solar Group are experienced installers of off-grid solar systems. We’ll collaborate with you to design the most effective setup for your home, making sure that the panels are placed in the right positions, as well as batteries and inverter back-up generators, and all electrical equipment required is in order to achieve the highest efficiency and output. 

Small inefficiencies can take a bite out of the savings you can make by switching to off the grid power generation, which is why it's best to get expert assistance. We can also assess the size and type of equipment you'll need by assessing the amount of your regular electricity use.

Be sure to engage in the necessary consultation prior to taking an important step in your decision-making process.

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The most effective off grid energy option starts with expert advice

If you're not connected to the electricity grid of the nation, our range of high-quality off-grid solar solutions are an ideal option for power that is stand-alone. Our quotations are prepared from experts in off grid solar systems as well as remote power systems and are specifically tailored to your circumstances.

All of our off-grid battery and solar systems are delivered across Australia along with CEC accredited Solar installation included.

The team at Platinum Solar Group have the experience and expertise to clear up any confusion. Along with our top technology and business partners, we offer the best end-to-end services that, when paired with CEC Accredited Off Grid specialists for all our installations, provide second-to none service. Our local installers also offer continuous service and backup to ensure that your system is kept in good condition and promptly returned to service if you experience a malfunction.

Talk to our experts in off-grid power and choose the appropriate solar off-grid or standalone power setup to meet your needs and area.

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Get in Touch to Discuss the Current Government Rebates and Incentives for Solar

Platinum Solar Group will be in close contact with you to ensure the off grid solar system you have installed for your home or business is customized to meet your individual needs, as well as being designed specifically to give you the best cost savings and long-term benefit for your budget. We may inquire further and request more information at the beginning, but this will ensure that you receive what you want first time around.

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